Expressions of Interest for Future Programmes 21/22


We are still finalising some of our programmes for 21/22.  If they are not yet available to book on our Register for Events and Programmes 21/22 page, then in the meantime, you are welcome to express your interest in programmes here.  We will be in touch as soon as the full details of dates and times are confirmed.

(NB.  If you are interested in Teaching for Mastery Development work groups you will find info and application forms on our specific Primary and Secondary sections )


NCP 21-15 Secondary Subject Leadership Work Groups

NCP 21-17 Mathematical Thinking for GCSE Work Group

NCP 21-18 Years 7-11 Coherence Work Groups

NCP 21-24 Strengthening Partnerships with ITT Providers Work Group


Mastering Number – Closed for 21/22 but taking  Mastering Number Expressions of Interest for 22/22

NCP 21-25 EYFS Teacher Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics

NCP 21-26 Primary Teacher Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics

NCP 21-27 Primary Teaching Assistant Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics

Please see here for events and programmes with full details and registration currently open