2023 Summer Conference Presentations


We were delighted to host our first face to face summer conference on 6 July 2023, with a full schedule of brilliant presentations.

Please find below links to download copies of the presentations / materials that have been made available to share:

Session A:  2.30 – 3.15pm

Primary:  Primary Ofsted Essentials with Tracey Brunton 

Secondary:  Disciplinary Literacy in Maths with Deb Friis 

Secondary:   Secondary Ofsted with Samantha Munro 


Session B:  3.30pm – 4.15pm 

Cross Phase:  Supporting Students with Dyscalculia and other Maths Difficulties with Amanda Keen  plus Resource List

Primary:  Factual fluency with Clare Christie  

Primary: Sustaining teaching for mastery with Sarah Lewis and Amanda Webb 

Secondary:  Using the Ofsted Framework as a Curriculum Development Tool with Anna Dwyer 


Session C:  4.20pm – 5.00pm 

Primary:  Thinking Deeply about Primary Mathematics with Kieran Mackle 

Primary:  Building on Mastering Number in Lower KS2 with Emma Parr 

Secondary:  Embedding elements of Teaching for Mastery at Post-16 with Vicky Lally and Adam Creen 

Secondary:  Sustaining Teaching for Mastery  with Sam Clarkson